The Trending Sport – Pickleball

gamma pickleball

Pickleball is like a tennis but instead of using a racquet, players used a pickleball paddle.This is a great game and usually played by older people. Kids can also play this and who knows if you teach them young, your kids may end up playing in the pro league.

At first, I am not that interested in playing this game but my friends Lola, Deyanne and Carla invited me in one of their clubs and watch a pickleball game about 6 months ago. I was impressed how good the players are whether its a man or a woman. There are also some kids in that club.

Then, after learning the rules and some basic shots, I decided to join the club and bought a pickleball paddle. I bought a Gamma Voltage and never look back! I am in love with this paddle! Thanks for this wonderful pickleball paddle reviews, I enjoyed playing with my Gamma.


The Gamma is definitely a beginner friendly paddle but you need some time to getting used to it. Many pro players also used it and they really love their shots with the Gamma Voltage. Although, this is not the most beginner friendly paddle, I still bought it because it allows me to quickly improve and the Gamma can be my first and last pickleball paddle.

In the beginning, I practiced a lot during my free time. I practiced together with my friends and my hubby who’s a tennis player and now enjoying pickleball too. Learning to play pickleball is somewhat easy but you still need to practice a lot in order to become competitive.

There are a lot of good players including my friends and I want to beat all of them. I am on my 7th month on playing this wonderful game and I am really enjoying it. I wish I learned about pickleball sooner when I was younger, maybe I can be a pro too!

But for now, I love it as a hobby and as a form of exercise. There are a lot of healthy benefits of playing pickleball including: improved footwork, coordination and stability. It also helps people to lose weight but of course you also need a good diet.

Some of my friends are now competing in the pro tournament and I will definitely cheer for them and help them to practice. My hubby is encouraging me to join some pro games but I am still hesitant because I’m only playing this game for about half a year.

I need more playing time and practice to be able to compete in a high level game. But maybe someday I can join too. I am still 35 years old and I think I’m still younger compared to other pro pickleball players. There are club members that are in their 50’s and 60’s and still playing a high level game.

I admired those guys! They are also my inspiration and they also teach me a lot of advanced stuff. So what are you waiting for? Learn pickleball and start to play with your family or friends. I am sure that you will like it and the cost of playing is much cheaper that tennis.


How Many Times A Day Should My Baby Nurse?

nursing the baby

This was a big question I had with my first born. I knew he would nurse 8-10 times a day in those first few weeks, but what about as he grew older? I found a helpful chart in the Babywise book that had the suggested number of feedings for a baby during their first year. This is by no means a hard and fast rule, or what you have to do, but it was very helpful to me, and I’d like to share it here.

  1. Weeks 0-8, 8 to 10 feedings per day
  2. Weeks 9-15, 5 to 7 feedings per day
  3. Weeks 16-24, 4 to 6 feedings per day
  4. Weeks 24-52, 4 to 5 feedings per day

This feeding chart is actually the only helpful information that I took from the Babywise book. The rest of it didn’t work for me. The other tip that I can share is the use of a pregnancy pillow that I bought from Pillow fiesta. I still use the pillow at night and when I breastfeed my baby.

One more thing I’d like to share with you is this breastfeeding log I made for my own use. I didn’t want to purchase a tablet of them, so I just made this one, saved it on my computer, and printed it out weekly.

You may be thinking I’m crazy, but it really helped me to know, and be able to look back at these charts.  I always knew exactly when the last time baby had eaten, pooped, or peed. This chart would also work for a formula fed baby. I actually keep this chart for the entire first year and even write down the solids they start eating to help watch for food allergies, and to keep track of what their eating and how much.

It was helpful for me to look back at Tyrone’s charts and know what I did with him and when as compared to Naomi. Hope these are a few tips you could use!  I know I could have used this information in those early weeks right after I was a new mom!

Top 10 Tips On How To Build A Better Online Business


Online Business

Starting a business, whether online or offline can be a very exciting experience. It’s finally time to implement all the plans, ideas and strategies that have been cultivated and developed over time. At the beginning, there is always a measure of anticipation, as well as anxiety about how things will turn out.

There is a resolve to do whatever it takes to ensure that the business is successful. Once you’ve settled in, what do you do to ensure that your business continues to grow? Here are 10 handy tips on how to build a better online business. These tips are sure to help you stay on track to building a successful online business.

1. Invest in your personal well-being

The number one mistake a lot of business owners make is failing to take care of themselves. For some reason, they think if they don’t work on the business for any amount of time, the business will fail. The opposite is what actually happens. Not taking time to care for your personal needs will eventually make your body fail and guess what, the business will still be there. Understand your body, know when it’s seeking attention and take care of you.

2. Be dynamic, follow new trends in your business niche

Anticipation and timely implementation are key to any successful business. There is a right time for everything. Look out for and recognize opportunities, they may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. You may have the greatest plans and ideas, but implementing them at the wrong time will not yield the desired result. Follow current trend so you know what tricks to pull out to create the desired magic effect. Take a look at this website about calculators, it currently posted a review about TI-84 plus CE, the newest graphing calculator. It gains tons of buyers in such a short period of time.

3. Only cut corners when necessary

No unnecessary short cuts, please. Every entrepreneur is always on the look out for where they can save money. It will be counter-productive and even dangerous to the success of your business if you cut corners where it doesn’t make business sense. This is what the British refer to as”Penny wise, pound foolish”. In other words, congratulations, you just saved some pennies, but bad news, you lost some pounds in the process. Knowing where to compromise and where not to is key.

social network4. Build a strong network

The use of networking is becoming more and more important by the day. I recommend a combination of both online and offline networking. Social media networking is the single most effective way to attract attention to your business. Keeping up with social networking is very time-consuming, but can be very rewarding once you’ve establishes a following. For offline networking, get involved in your community. Be part of local activities that relate to your business, or just volunteer to be part of an activity that you are passionate about.

5. Form an accountability group

According to an article by Tasha Chen on the Women’s prosperity network website,, a recent study showed that accountability can improve your results by as much as 76%.  Letting someone else know what your goals are actually motivates you to work hard to fulfill those goals. Another benefit of accountability groups is that members can suggest ideas that will help other members improve their business.

6. Never stop learning

Things are changing at such a fast pace, it’s difficult to keep up. It’s pure deceit to think that you don’t need to learn anything new to sustain business success. There are so many ways to continue to educate yourself about how to make your business better. You can subscribe to newsletters, magazines or other publications that are relevant to your business niche. The great thing is you can access them from your computer, phone or hand-held tablets. Most are also available for MP3 players.

7. Use technology to your advantage

Technology is so dynamic and will continue to be even more so. It’s a good idea to stay up to par with current technology and how to make it work for you. You can save a lot of time, money and headache if you change up how you perform some routine tasks. Here are 2 examples:

  • Use internet fax rather than regular paper fax. This makes it easier to track your in-bound and out-bound faxes just like emails.
  • Scan all paper documents and sort them into categories for easy retrieval. Having all documentation in electronic form makes sharing information very easy and convenient.

8. Find ways to market your business on a dime

The most expensive marketing campaigns are not necessarily the most effective. You can run an effective campaign without breaking the bank. If you already have good content on your website, all you need is just a timely, well planned and executed marketing strategy to drive premium traffic to your website. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals from members of your network. It can be in the form of a mention on twitter, sharing your posts on Google plus, guest-posting on a more established blog. There are also low-cost search engine Ads. Paper fliers and business cards still work.

press release9. Use press releases

Yes, bloggers and other online business owners use press releases to announce new projects or blog posts. You can begin to post press releases on forums you belong to a few days before the launch. Catchy press releases can create curiosity and anticipation. Just be sure to deliver on the claims in your press release. Make an impression, it could take your business to the next level.

10. Sign a contract, get it in writing

If you are involved in any business where clients pay you for a service or you pay someone for a service, make sure you sign a contract. Have a business attorney prepare one for you. Make sure to require clients to sign it (electronically, of course) before their payment is accepted. If you are the client, ask your service provider if they will use yours since they don’t have a contract of their own. essential components of the contract include date contract was signed, what each party stands to gain from the contract, as well as what is expected of each party.It is not easy to keep any business running smoothly and efficiently. It is even harder to stay competitive and profitable.


These tips I have presented are meant to guide you in setting up a system that will help you to make the best decisions to better position your business for continued success. Are you ready to build a better business? Do you have other ideas in addition to these ten I have discussed here? Tell me about them, I’ll be waiting to hear from you.