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gamma pickleball

Pickleball is like a tennis but instead of using a racquet, players used a pickleball paddle.This is a great game and usually played by older people. Kids can also play this and who knows if you teach them young, your kids may end up playing in the pro league.

At first, I am not that interested in playing this game but my friends Lola, Deyanne and Carla invited me in one of their clubs and watch a pickleball game about 6 months ago. I was impressed how good the players are whether its a man or a woman. There are also some kids in that club.

Then, after learning the rules and some basic shots, I decided to join the club and bought a pickleball paddle. I bought a Gamma Voltage and never look back! I am in love with this paddle! Thanks for this wonderful pickleball paddle reviews, I enjoyed playing with my Gamma.


The Gamma is definitely a beginner friendly paddle but you need some time to getting used to it. Many pro players also used it and they really love their shots with the Gamma Voltage. Although, this is not the most beginner friendly paddle, I still bought it because it allows me to quickly improve and the Gamma can be my first and last pickleball paddle.

In the beginning, I practiced a lot during my free time. I practiced together with my friends and my hubby who’s a tennis player and now enjoying pickleball too. Learning to play pickleball is somewhat easy but you still need to practice a lot in order to become competitive.

There are a lot of good players including my friends and I want to beat all of them. I am on my 7th month on playing this wonderful game and I am really enjoying it. I wish I learned about pickleball sooner when I was younger, maybe I can be a pro too!

But for now, I love it as a hobby and as a form of exercise. There are a lot of healthy benefits of playing pickleball including: improved footwork, coordination and stability. It also helps people to lose weight but of course you also need a good diet.

Some of my friends are now competing in the pro tournament and I will definitely cheer for them and help them to practice. My hubby is encouraging me to join some pro games but I am still hesitant because I’m only playing this game for about half a year.

I need more playing time and practice to be able to compete in a high level game. But maybe someday I can join too. I am still 35 years old and I think I’m still younger compared to other pro pickleball players. There are club members that are in their 50’s and 60’s and still playing a high level game.

I admired those guys! They are also my inspiration and they also teach me a lot of advanced stuff. So what are you waiting for? Learn pickleball and start to play with your family or friends. I am sure that you will like it and the cost of playing is much cheaper that tennis.


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